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Signing up is easy.... just click the red tab above , and enter your email address.

The Client Hub offers you the convenience of having all your customer/property information  and  account history  at your fingertips .   Some of the things you can do on  the Hub:

  • "This is great for property managers,  it saves me a  bunch of time since I don't  have to constantly text the address and tenants  info. to David .   Everything is already there for you.     Thanks Dave!"

    Sharon - Stringer Property Management

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What is the Client Hub?

Customers can approve a quote, check appointment details, pay an outstanding invoice, print a receipt, or request more work—all in one place. It is a mobile friendly site, so you an view it with a computer or a mobile device.

Customers access client hub via a secure email link.  No pesky passwords to remember in either case.

How does logging into Client Hub work?

Our software uses a modern secure email-based authentication that does not require a password. Customers will access their account through their email. So as long as they have access to their email account, they have access to their Client Hub account.

How can your clients log into Client Hub?

Customers will have a number of different ways that they can access the Client Hub. If you email them an invoice or a quote, that email will now contain a link  that will securely log them into Client Hub.  Or we can send the customer an email with a link to the Client Hub directly. 

Work Requests

Customers can request work through the Client Hub by selecting this first menu option.. Submitted requests will remain in Client Hub.

Quotes will appear as either Awaiting Response Approved in Client Hub. 


Appointments -In the Client Hub, clients are able to see a list of all their previous appointments and the next five of their upcoming appointments. They will appear in a list showing the date, time, and property location.